Sarah is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, as well as a Registered Art Therapist. After earning her Master's Degree  in Art Therapy at Florida State University, she continued to pursue and obtain the credential of Registered Art Therapist through the Art Therapy Credentials Board, Inc., in addition to her License of Mental Health Counseling in Florida.

 Sarah has experience with various ages, and settings, including working with children, teens, and adults focusing on anxiety, depression/mood issues, impulsivity, social skills and awareness, ADHD, ASD, oppositional defiance and other behavioral issues. To foster communication, expression, and growth, Sarah uses counseling strategies, as well as art therapy techniques. She utilizes a combination of  approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavior modification and planning, and motivational interviewing. 

Sarah believes in treating the whole child, person, and family. Therefore, having a treatment team approach may be best. This approach includes the client, parents, school/teachers and, sometimes, other professionals. 

Sarah's  commitment to serving clients has been shaped by her past experience with meaningful treatment and successful therapeutic endeavors. These include group art therapy projects of adults and teens, for which Sarah was honored to present at the American Art Therapy Association's 40th & 45th Annual Conferences. Individual treatment gains achieved through the combination of art therapy and cognitive behavioral techniques is another area that Sarah is honored to present to colleagues at the Sustaining Innovation conference in fall 2015. Sarah has been recognized in Psychology Today's online blog, as well as locally in the West Orange Times Health Matters edition of June 2015.

For more about these articles or to view project images, click the links below:

Referenced in on-going blog for Psychology Today called ‘Art on Trial’ by Dave Gussak, Ph.D. The published entry is titled ‘Inmate Mural Part 3: Beacon of Hope in a Women’s Prison’.

West Orange Times: Health Matters article page 20/21 'Framed by Feeling' by Catherine Sinclair

Meeting Your Needs

Sarah offers many services and can tailor them to fit your needs, your goals. We develop a plan together, resulting in you feeling empowered and a path we can navigate together.

Services may be provided in the office or in other settings, including school, that best address the need. Sarah offers:

  • Individual therapy: art therapy, counseling, or combination
  • Group therapy: groups based in art therapy, and/or focused on areas like anxiety
  • Support to parents, teachers/staff, and professionals

Through these services, Sarah provides a comfortable environment for learning, expression, and developing strategies. If you are unsure what type(s) of services may benefit you, your family, or your staff, feel free to contact Sarah or her assistant. If you feel your needs might be better met with other types of professionals, or you feel your situation might benefit from a team of professionals, again, please contact us and we can help you connect to the right types of services and professionals.

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